2011 National Champions

2011 National Results
Open Pointing
1st Place-$10,000.00: Larry Judd and Moonie.
2nd Place-$8244.00: Jerimiah Mohr and Tess
3rd Place-$6,544.00: Steve Church and Ellie
4th Place-$4844.00: Jake Sweeney (14 years old) and Barron
5th Place-$3144.00; Frank Arnau and Beaux
6th Place-$2444.00: Kenny ARmstrong and Rowdy
7th Place-$2144.00: Toby Trivett and Hoss
8th Place-$2044.00: Don Shepard and Dolly
9th Place-$1844.00: Matt Behe and Brute
10th Place-$1744.00: Michale Fay and Daisy

Amateur Pointing Results
1st Place-$5,790.00: Darrel Davis and Ruby (Handled by Hardy Jaggers)
2nd Place-$4,050.00: Jerimiah Mohr and Sandy
3rd Place-$3,390.00: Dan Ruffcorn and Rose
4th Place-$2,290.00: Frank Arnau and Beaux
5th Place-$1,630.00: Scott Kusel and Klaus
6th Place-$1,190.00: Brandon Tarquinio and Briley
7th Place-$1,080.00: Jake Sweeney and Jade
8th Place-$970.00: Roger Johnson and Tyson
9th Place- $860.00: Mark Sweeney and Louie
10th Place-$750.00: JAmes Dyar and Belle.

Open Flushing Results

1st Place-$2,932.00: Matt Behe and Amber
2nd Place-$2,074.00: Dave White and Thunder
3rd Place-$1,645.00: Dale Neese and Marlowe
4th Place-$1,215.00: Bryan Daughtryand Sadie
5th Place-$787.00: Eddie Karban and Hershey
6th Place-$571.00: Dale Neese and Chance
7th Place-$523.00: Ken Neese and Beeze (Richard Sipes owner)
8th Place-$439.00: Mary Frances Clark and Sky
9th Place-$414.00: David Malcomb and Pharoah
10th Place-$370.00: Craig Tennies and Buck

Doubles Pointing
1st Place-$3,000.00: Kenny Armstrong and Rowdy--Laylon Cox and Maverick
2nd Place-$2,100.00: Frank Arnau and Beaux--Bob Carroll and Abbie
3rd Place-$1,675.00: Scott Deuel and Worm--Don Deuel and Sue
4th Place-$1,125.00: Mark Sweeney and Louie--Bernie Berkenholtz and Dieon
5t Place-$800.00: David Pike with Bob and Rock
6th Place-$571.00: Tom Strunz and Ginger--Scott Kusel and Ashley
7th Place-$525.00: Larry Nicol with Robin and Becky
8th Place-500.00: Brandon Tarquinio and Briley--Jerimiah Mohr and Tess
9th Place-$450.00: Roger Acuff and Katy--Billy Ring and Heidi
10th Place-$425.00: Josh VanMetre and Jack--Don Shepard and Dolly

Flushing Doubles
1st Place-$1,693.00: Dan Koscheck adn Smoke
2nd Place-$1186.00: Richard Sipes and Cooper
3rd Place-$983.00: Doug Williams and Creek (Owner George Browder)
4th Place-$729.00: Matt Behe and Amber
5th Place-$476.00: Chris Dansby and Clay
6th Place-$343.00: Bryan Daughtry and Sadie
7th Place-$300.00: Jim Yaresh and Callie
8t Place-$286.00: Clint Bradshaw and Belle
9th Place-$450.00: Craig Tennes and Chris
10th Place-$425.00: Richard Sipes and Quincy.

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