Loyall Breeder's Rewards Program

As you know, for the past 4 years, Loyall® has been a devout sponsor of the UFTA. As a result of their support and active involvement in the Nationals, many of you are now feeding Loyall®. If you have not tried it yet, several of this year’s champions can attest to the quality of their pet foods. One being Larry Judd (2011 Open Pointing Champion), who has been feeding Loyall® for four years: He said, “For what I am doing, and for what I expect from my dogs, I demand the best and want the best food for them. After I started feeding Loyall® Professional, I noticed my dogs last longer. I hadn’t changed their training regime or anything – they just lasted longer.” (cont.)

The people with Loyall® would like to show their appreciation for your patronage by offering our members enrollment in their Loyall® Rewards Program. Normally there would be minimum requirements to qualify, but they have waived these for UFTA members.

There is no need to take any action at this time, as you have already been enrolled. Within the next couple of weeks you should be receiving a letter from Loyall® with further explanation of this program. For more information on these benefits visit their Loyall Rewards Program Webpage or contact Jason Cole (205)577-2108.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for the UFTA to further show our support for one of the leading companies to partner with us. We also believe that you will benefit from this as a dog owner, by receiving refunds, special offers and puppy kits for those that are breeders.
This is a milestone in our relationship with Loyall® and hope you feel the same way. Let’s all take this opportunity to show our support to one of our “Loyall®” sponsors.

To register your litter, click on "Loyall Litter Registration" under the membership tab.

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