2017 Nationals Business Partner Update

We are proud to announce Mud River Dog Products as a Bronze Level business partner / sponsor for our 2017 UFTA Nationals.

At MUD RIVER it has never been a secret that they suffer from the hunting itch and the love of the outdoors. As this time of year comes around you can lay your money down on a few sure things - dirty trucks, lonely wives, and happy dogs.

In an industry where very little product refinement gets defined as innovation, consumers rarely experience ground breaking changes in product performance. The MUD RIVER team is all about enhancing product performance and providing superior gear to the quality minded customer is their core. They take their passion and cumulative knowledge to fundamentally change the expectations of the hunter and dog enthusiast.

We are honored to have Ruff Tough Kennels aboard as a business partner for the 2017 Nationals.

"Let's support those who support us"

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