UFTA / Benelli Shotgun Survey

UFTA has teamed up with our good friends at Benelli USA to develop a market research survey to gather data on shotgun preferences. One lucky person participating in this survey will be selected by way of random drawing to purchase a Benelli shotgun through the “Friends of Industry” program. This program will allow the winner to purchase a shotgun of their choice at a 40% discount off the Benelli USA website MRSP. In addition, the UFTA Board of Directors has also agreed to generously donate another $250.00 towards the purchase of this shotgun, making it one sweet deal for the lucky winner.

Example 1: Super Black Eagle 3, Black Synthetic, 12-Gauge, Chambered for: 2-3/4”, 3” and 3-1/2”, Barrel Length 28” – MSRP =$1899.00
Final price using Friends of Industry discount and UFTA donation: $1899 x 60% = $1,139.40 - $250.00 = $889.40

Example 2: Montefeltro, Satin Walnut, 20 Gauge, Chambered for 2-3/4” and 3” - MSRP = $1139.00
Final price using Friends of Industry discount and UFTA donation: $1139 x 60% = $681.60 - $250.00 = $431.60

The above are just examples, any shotgun offered through Benelli USA can be purchased by the winner using the “Friends of Industry” program and the $250.00 from UFTA.

Here’s how the contest works. Each person completing the survey will have their name entered in the drawing one time. For each time someone lists a person’s name as the person referring them to the survey, the referring person’s name will be entered two more times into the drawing and the person completing the survey will be entered one time.  Each person will only be allowed to complete the survey once, so the goal should be to refer the survey to as many people as possible and have them list you as the person referring them to the survey thereby increasing your odds of winning. The criteria to be used for the prize drawing is only the name those completing the survey and/or names of those referring it to others who participate.  All other responses will have no bearing on the outcome of the survey. We want honest and candid responses for market research, so please answer the survey questions honestly and please only refer to hunters and shotgun enthusiasts for their participation.   

The survey tool tracks individual IP addresses (computer address) and will only let the survey be completed once per IP address. Therefore, it will not allow you to let a friend complete the survey from your computer if you have already taken it using that computer or let you use an alias to complete it again and list yourself as the referring person. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this contest. Delivery of the shotgun will be conducted through a licensed Benelli USA retailer and any fees required to transfer the gun into the winner’s possession will be at the winner’s expense. If for some reason the lucky winner chooses not to purchase a shotgun through the “Friends of Industry” program, Benelli USA will allow them to choose $250.00 of other Benelli merchandise, ie., shirts, caps, jackets, etc. and UFTA will also contribute $250.00 for this as well. Under no circumstances will there be any cash payout made to the winner by Benelli USA or UFTA. All employees and of Benelli USA and their immediate family members are ineligible to win.

Survey runs through the month of October 2017 only, with the announcement of the winner to be made in mid November 2017.
All personal information WILL NOT BE SHARED with any entity outside of UFTA.  Only high level summary results will be shared with Benelli USA as well as posted the UFTA Website.

Benelli to research models and MSRP

Click Shotgun Survey to complete the survey and get your name entered in the contest. Don't forget to refer your field trialing and hunting friends to it in order to increase your chances of winning.

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