Prayers for Tracey Gazaway

Clay Moose shared with us today that Tracey has had a major stroke, but is doing well. Thank God she is recovering and will be her old self again soon. Keep up the good work of recovering, Tracey.
This comment is from Tracey’s Facebook Page on Friday, August 3rd.::
“Today was my first follow up appointment with the neurologist since the stroke . He walks in and ask my name after a minute and I quote said you doing “freaking awesome “!!!! He was very surprised I was walking and talking and working. He showed us the MRI images today and I will say I’m blessed and that prayers work. God is good !!!! The stroke was a major stroke and damaged a lot of the right side of my brain, again very scary to actually look at and realize what could have been. I believe in the power of prayers and that without God it would have been a lot worse. Thank you all that had taken time to pray for myself and my family , we have felt everyone of them going up. Hopefully in 3 months or so the brain fog , daily headaches , memory loss and vision loss will be a thing of the past but today and everyday forward I will thank God for another day with my family and pray I can be a blessing to someone”.

Please keep Tracey and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Tracey, we all love and appreciate you and your family. Your UFTA Family

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