Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2019 UFTA Nationals which were held at Northeast Alabama Hunting Preserve, Section, Alabama.

Below is a list of the top 5 winners in each division.

2019 Open Pointing
Terry Cohron (Duane Duckett – Handler) with Doc 2019 Open Pointing Champion
Scott Deuel with Mike 2019 Open Pointing Reserve Champion
Ty Patterson with ZekeThird Place
Chance Whitworth with Lotte Fourth Place
Brian James with Rex Fifth Place

2019 Amateur Pointing
Ty Patterson with Cole 2019 Amateur Champion
Kyle Bona with Zella 2019 Amateur Pointing Reserve Champion
Kevin Pixley with Cap Third Place
Mitchell Armstrong with Katie Fourth Place
Scott Deuel with Ginger Fifth Place

2019 Doubles Pointing
Randy Brown with Roadie and Matt Behe with Slick 2019 Doubles PointingChampion
Stacey Hall with Sadie and Tommy Wiley with Star 2019 Doubles Pointing Reserve Champion
Clay Moose & Tommy Wiley with Covey and Debbie Wiley with Scent Third Place
Rickard Sipes with Dueces and Richard Sipes with Reacher Fourth Place
Tommy Wiley with Gin and Clay Moose with Rumor Fifth Place

2019 Flushing Open
Nick Chmara with Malley 2019 Flushing Open Champion
Eddie Karban with Thor 2019 Flushing Open Reserve Champion
Howard Jaekle with Scout Third Place
Haley Kirkland with Rose Fourth Place
Dave White with Joules Fifth Place

2019 Flushing Doubles
Dave White with Joules 2019 Flushing Doubles Champion
Eddie Karban with Hercules 2019 Flushing Doubles Reserve Champion
Eddie Karban with MidasThird Place
Howard Jaekle with Scout Fourth Place
Don Hunter with Dakota Fifth Place

2019 UFTA Seniors
Tommy Smith with Holly 2019 UFTA Seniors Winner
Larry Nicol with Buddy Second Place
Butch White with Mags Third Place
Tommy Smith with Brewski Fourth Place
Jeff Hites with L Fifth Place

ADDITIONALLY, we have put all of the remaining checks in the mail today. This includes all checks to our workers who helped to make the Nationals a success. We need and appreciate everyone's hard work last week.

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