2021 UFTA Nationals Thoughts and Memories by Scott Roby

UFTA Nationals 2021
Joined at the Hip
In the strange year of the pandemic 2020 our world and lives have been turned upside down! We have all watched this last year change friends, families and even our own lives. We have pondered whether there would even be a UFTA Nationals event?
In March of 2020 we lost (2) of our greatest members, Dennis Boutcher & Dennis Hayes. When I say ours, I mean Lincoln Trail Q.F & Cedar Creek Q.F. (from here on out, I will refer to these 2 greats as the Double D’s.)
We held a memorial field trial for these 2 men called the Double D classic to raise monies for the wives, Claudia Boutcher and Sue Hayes. The Double D’s were awesome friends, fieldtrailers and men of God like you have never seen to each & everyone they met. I myself believe, because of the Double D’s,these two Q.F. chapters are actually united as one, joined at the hip, because of our close distance apart and so many are dual chapter members.
I was in a dilemma this year on whether or not to participate in the Nationals. After seeing a possibility of a UFTA event, I like so many others, struggled to get my dog qualified. Then I looked at the inclement weather, the grind of the pandemic on me and so many lives, the absence of the Double D.s, which I am sure would have been in attendance. To top those off, I had an issue come up with my wife who was to have a Cardiac Cath procedure the following week, after Nationals.
I have no doubt that all the different clubs, chapters & states don’t have Double D’s that they think of this week. As the week started I saw many reasons that would have put smiles on our Double D,s faces and decided to share in this post reasons they would be proud to have been a fieldtrailer, member, and participant in our great UFTA event representing our state of Kentucky.
The Double D,s saw Cedar Creek put on an awesome event in a very short time frame. How people working together as one can accomplish anything. They saw Joey and Jeff Preston, their sons and girlfriends either running dogs,field marshaling, bird planting & cousin Dino Himes & girlfriend Carol judging “wow.” They saw Josh Wilson & son Micah compete in the Youth Division. The watched Meg and Marlene run in the Women’s division. The Double D’s saw Ray & Vernon sitting at a table talking like it was just another day amidst all the excitement and Ray’s many attempts to clear roads so participants could get to their appointed fields. The Double D’s witnessed Marlene, Dave Pike, (brother-in law of Dennis Boutcher Dave Smith), Hooter & Scooter run in the Seniors Division. We all knew they were right there by our side. Dave and Scooter sported a Dennis Boutcher pointer belt buckle and a LTQU shirt for the entire event. Dennis Boutcher saw Hooter run Frank, his own personal dog before he left us and Scooter run Lynn from Dennis Hayes blood line.
They never took for granted or overlooked the wives like Nancy Smith, Debbie Jaggers, Meg Patterson (with a 2 yr old) for cheering on their husbands & fellow club members, while other wives were home taking care of family and business, as in Claudia Boutcher and Sue Hayes. Don’t forget husbands, including Joe Lucas there to watch wife and son, Marlene and AJ.
The Double D’s saw Loren 3rd, Craig Carby’s 1st awesome finishes in the amateur pointing. They saw, though it was just another day, see a mother/son team like Marlene & AJ participate as they had all year long. Cut the cord Marlene! Lol
When it finally came down to the open finals, they saw Hardy, Craig, Ty, “Trent”, Joey, & Scooter team up to get a chance at the UFTA National Championship. Besides witnessing the professional event, the Double D’s joined us at the presentation, (which was shortened because of Covid regulations) to see many awards taken by both clubs. They saw awards, plaques and monies passed out to the 2021 first place open finisher Hardy Jaggers, and also Ty & Meg Patterson 2nd, Craig Carby 6th. They saw Craig Carby again 1st and Loren 3rd in the amateur pointing. They saw Trent and Loren 5th in the Doubles Open pointing. They saw Meg’s 5th place finish in the Women’s open pointing.
When the Seniors Open event winners were awarded, Dave Smith finishing 3rd knew the Double D’s were watching. I know in my heart that Dennis Boutcher and Dennis Hayes saw all of these things because these are the things I witnessed. I am certain I’ve missed some things so feel free to add to this. My last certainty this week was that the Double D’s had smiles on their faces for a job well done by both clubs who they were proud to be a part of and still are.
My only hope is that all the clubs making up the UFTA, continue to have men like we’ve had to carry on the great legacy of Field Trailing, Sportsmanship and men of God. Thank you Double D’s.

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