2016National Doubles Pointing Results

Posted on : Wednesday February 17 2016

2016 UFTA National Doubles Pointing

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New Information

Posted on : Wednesday March 5 2014

Please review your dog information that is listed here on the website. Please let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made. Also, if you would like pictures of your dogs posted on the web-site under the Dog Records section, you may e-mail those to me. They need to be in JPEG format to post to the web-site , I can resize them if needed to post. If anyone has anything they would like to see posted on the website please let me know. UFTA National Office

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Members approve a new By-Law

Posted on : Sunday September 29 2013

The board of directors discussed a possible By-Law change at the annual meeting that would allow a 75+ dog trial to be held over 3 days to be ran in a single dog format. The board of directors felt the membership should decide if this was something they would like to see. The By-Law was approved by the members by 65% for and 35% against. So the new By-Law: Article XIII

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Rule Clarifications

Posted on : Tuesday January 1 2013

The board of directors at their annual meeting sat down and made clarifications to the following rules. One very important change has to do with the National Finals:

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Update Champion Information

Posted on : Saturday November 10 2012

The website has been updated with pages for Hall of Fame dogs and Champions and National Champions. Any member who would like their dog picture added or changed please send them to me and I can update them. We are also missing some pictures and infomation on our National Champions page. Any information that can be provided on those would be appreciated.

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Posted on : Monday January 2 2012

The board has determined for a dog to be placed on the Hall of Fame page it must have 5 Championships in the Open Division, or 10 Championships combined from any division.

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Dog Records

Posted on : Monday December 6 2010

Trial Results

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