There has been some question about the wording in the 2021-2022 UFTA Membership renewal letter regarding the by-law adopted by the Board of Directors. The following is a clarification of that by-law.

At the National Championship event, the manner of setting birds in the field will be determined by the Board of Directors. No manual release traps will be allowed.

Below is the Membership Renewal Letter that you will be receiving in the mail soon.

221 Neal Road
Commerce, GA 30530
678-617-0621 or [email protected]
August 13, 2021

Dear UFTA Member:
Another UFTA membership year has passed. It is time to renew your membership. We are enclosing a membership update sheet. Please mark anything that isn’t correct and make changes as needed. PLEASE return this sheet along with your membership dues. Your current year’s membership dues expire on August 31, 2021. Individual membership dues are $35 and the Family membership dues are $45. Reminder: Your runs will not count unless your current membership dues are paid.

At the Board of Directors meeting in August, the following wording was added to the “Cage Trials” rule. These trials will be posted using the term -- MANUAL RELEASE TRAPS.
In these trials, in order to bag a bird, it must be produced from a manual release trap.
If an ineligible bird is pointed, it may be taken out with no penalty.
No birds are to be taken out of the field after a completed run or before the next run starts.

Reminders of the new By-Laws from the Board of Directors meeting at the 2021 Nationals:
1. The manner of setting birds in the field will be determined by the Board of Directors. no Manual Release traps will be allowed.
2. Effective March 1, 2021 due to the growth in the Flushing Division, there will be a requirement of eight (8) dogs in a sanctioned event. The number of events per day will be (2) Flushing Open and two (2) Flushing Doubles.

1. The following Board Members, Joey Preston and Frank Arnau, terms will expire at the 2022 UFTA Nationals. Joey Preston and Frank Arnau have stated that they will run again. The Nominating Committee will accept nominations for Board Members until December 31, 2021. The Nominating Committee consist of: Clay Moose, President, Bret Biel, Director, Shay Wilson and Brandon Tarquinio. No nominations will be taken from the floor.
2. The last day to qualify for the 2022 UFTA Nationals will be December 31, 2021. All trial results must be faxed or emailed to Frank & Mary Arnau the day following for any trials that are held after December 20th to facilitate the list of dogs qualified for the 2022 Nationals to be compiled quickly and invitations mailed promptly.
(3) At the UFTA Nationals a handler/designated shooter can run no more than four (4) dogs per day. (This means in all divisions.)

The 2022 UFTA Nationals will be hosted by Cedar Creek Quail Unlimited, Joey Preston will be our contact. The dates for the 2022 Nationals are February 19 through February 26, 2022. The Amateur Pointing and the Flushing Doubles will be held starting Saturday, February 19th with the Flushing Doubles finals on Sunday, February 20th and the Amateur Pointing finals on Monday, February 21st. The Flushing Open will start on Monday, February 21st and the finals will be Wednesday, February 23rd. The Seniors will be on Monday, February 21st. The Doubles Pointing will be Tuesday, February 22nd and finals on Wednesday, February 23rd. The Open Pointing will start on Thursday, February 24th with the finals on Saturday, February 26th.

The banquet will be on Wednesday and the membership meeting with be on Wednesday morning.

A copy of the annual Treasurer’s report is on the back of this letter.
Sincerely, Frank Arnau, Treasurer

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