Seniors Division

Based on feedback from UFTA members, the UFTA will structure a Seniors Division on a temporary basis for the 2024 trial year under the below guidelines. We hope to gather further feedback from seniors this year to evaluate the viability of a seniors division or return to the past structure.

Seniors Guidelines for 2024:

Seniors Pointing division is open to any handler 62 years and older. A handler cannot compete until they have had their 62nd birthday. In order to qualify a dog for Nationals in the Seniors Division, a handler must compete in a minimum of Four (4), 15-minute runs and pay an additional $20.00 sanctioning fee for each run in the seniors division. Seniors can get qualifying runs by competing in Amateur and Open Pointing by paying the additional seniors sanctioning fee. The Senior must also compete/pay sanctioning fees in the open or amateur trial they are participating in. Each 15 minute run in an Open pointing trial may be counted as a single run toward a Seniors qualifying run if the additional sanctioning fees are paid for each 15 minute run they intend to use as a qualifying Seniors run. A Seniors trial may be run independently if there are 6 dogs or more to qualify as a sanctioned trial. A Seniors trial pace will be a CASUAL WALK. Defined as walking flat footed, approximately 1 second per step. A Seniors Pointing Trial will consist of one 15 minute run. The same pointing rules will apply to the Seniors Division for all other rules unless specifically noted otherwise in this narrative. A buy-in option will be will be allowed at a cost of $80 per dog entered plus the Nationals entry fee. Buy-in dogs must have been qualified in open, amateur or doubles during the 2024 trial season. Seniors must be a member prior to year end in December 2024 in order to participate in the 2025 Nationals.

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