Host a Trial

If you are interested in holding your own UFTA event there are a few things that you need to know.

You can contact your state representative to schedule a time so that they may come out and inspect your fields for approval. At this time they will assist you in any questions that you may have about the trial or our organization. They will also get you set up as a club with the organization.

All fields are to be 7 - 12 acres in size.

All participants must be UFTA members and sign the UFTA waiver and release, This includes judges and bird planters. Youth members must have the UFTA Indemnification signed by their parent to participate in the trial.

Trials must be reported to the UFTA National Office with in 21 days prior to the event to be sanctioned as an official event.

All clubs or hosts must submit a $20.00 sanctioning fee per dog per trial along with a completed hard copy of the trial results on the official UFTA forms to the UFTA National Office. Forms required: The trial recap sheet for each division of the trial held. List all members first and last names along with the dogs’ name. New members must fill out the membership form along with a signed Waiver and Release and the membership fee sent in with the sanctioning fees. The Waiver and Release form has a date at the bottom and a new release form with current dates is required annually. The dog record form must be filled out and sent in to the national office before the National Finals. Scores with the sanctioning fees must be remitted to the National Office of the UFTA within 14 days from the end of the field trial to get the scores validated. You can access these forms under the Membership Tab. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


United Field Trialers Association, Inc.
494 Stonebridge Ln
Todd NC 28684
336-620-2644 or [email protected]

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