2018 UFTA Nationals Results and 2019 UFTA Nationals Information

It was great to see everyone who attended and participated in the 2018 UFTA Nationals.
Congratulations to the top five winners in each division. They are listed below:

Open Pointing
Brandon Tarquinio with Razz - Champion
Dan Ruffcorn with Mitch – Reserve Champion
Kaj Larson with Angel – Third Place
Ron Ricks with Dani - Fourth Place and
Bernie Birkenholz with Puckett – Fifth Place

Flushing Open
Eddie Karban with Hershey – Champion
Eddie Karban with Midas – Reserve Champion
Terrance Jackson with Yoyo – Third Place
Clint Bradshaw with Valley – Fourth Place
Howard Jaekle with Scout - Fifth Place

Amateur Pointing
John Koenig – Handler – Dan Teter with Trudy – Champion
George Taylor with Kaci – Reserve Champion
Kenny Daughtery with Blitz – Third Place
Randy Brown with Roadie – Fourth Place
And Bill Ellison – Handler – Duane Duckett with Sassy – Fifth Place

Doubles Pointing
Brett Biel with Cail and Ty Patterson and Zeke – Champion
Bernie Birkenholz with Puckett and Ron Ricks with Dani – Reserve Champion
Larry Reed with Diamond and David Trigg with Macon – Third Place
Gary Busboom with Patch and Bob Garrity with Wolfgang – Fourth Place
Tommy Wiley with Gin and Ruby – Handler for Ruby was Stacey Hall – Fifth Place

Flushing Doubles
Nick Scheutzow with Moose – Champion
Terrance Jackson with River – Reserve Champion
Eddie Karban with Midas – Third Place
Dave Miller with Rayne – Fourth Place
Clint Bradshaw with Valley – Fifth Place

Bill Roberts with Heidi – First Place – Seniors
Don Deuel with Turbo – Second Place
Don Deuel with Hollywood – Third Place
Frank Kirby with Buck - Fourth Place

Women’s Trials Winners
Kaylyn Wilkinson - First Place
Paula Wallace – Second Place
Ally Strother – Third Place

Lauren Tarquinio – First Place
Branda McCarthy – Second Place
Ally Strother – Third Place

The 2019 UFTA Nationals will be held February 23, 2019 through March 2, 2019. We will be at North East Alabama Hunting Preserve in Section, Alabama. Jeff Ferguson will be the host. His phone number is 256-717-8595.

Additionally, as in the past the Board of Directors has oversight of all rules and as in the past may institute by-laws that in their opinion is in the best interest of UFTA.

UFTA Board of Directors

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