How to Join

How to Join

Here at the UFTA we welcome new members that would like to join our ranks of being part of one of the fastest growing and largest organizations today for competing with your bird dog. We promise you a couple of things when you join, you will not compete with a better group of people who are willing to help you understand the game, and you will thoroughly enjoy our trial format in which you and your dog are competing against a field, not a brace mate. And that single factor is what keeps our members coming back year after year.

Right now is the time to join and it really is quite simple, just simply download the membership form below, fill out all of the necessary information and mail it in along with your membership dues.
You must be a current member to participate in UFTA trials.

September 1st - August 31st each year:
Individual Membership: $40.00
Family Membership: $50.00

NEW members (if you have never run UFTA before). First years membership dues are:
Individual Membership: $20.00
Family Membership: $25.00

Print the membership and waiver form and mail this form and your membership fee to:

United Field Trialers Association, Inc
494 Stonebridge Ln
Todd NC 28684

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