Congratulations to the Top Dog in each division.
Open Pointing – Joey Preston with Joe
Amateur Pointing - Kenny Daugherty with Thrasher
Doubles Pointing - Kevin Pixley with Cap and Cody Lewis with Mack
Flushing Open – Clint Bradshaw with Valley
Flushing Doubles – Eddie Karbin with Thor

Additionally the second and third placements in each division have an automatic pass to the finals in their divisions.
They are One Hop - Matt Behe and Trevor- Duane Duckett in the Open Pointing.
And Costa - David Register and Rumor - David Head in the Amateur Pointing.
The Doubles Pointing second and third teams are Copper - Loren Troutt and Turbo - Trent Pike and Sadie – Stacey Hall and Star – Debbie Wiley.
In the Flushing Open division is Thor – Eddie Karban and Hercules - Eddie Karban.
The Flushing Doubles second and third placements are Midas - Eddie Karban and Rose – Halley Kirkland.

I know from personal experience that this is a tough goal to achieve each year. The quality of UFTA dogs and owners/handlers improves each year. This is a fact in which all of us can take extreme pride. Again, congratulations to all the top positions and to everyone who is now qualified for the 2020 Nationals.

Your invitations to the 2020 Nationals will be in the mail soon. Please let us know if your address has changed because the forwarding of any mail slows everything down. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you. Also, the UKC registration information must be sent to us in order for you to be fully qualified to participate in the Nationals. Again, Congratulations to our winners and Happy New Year to everyone. Frank & Mary Arnau 678-617-0621

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